American Prairie Using Leverage to Achieve Conservation Goals

Put simply, they buy small amounts of land to achieve landscape-scale results.

They can assemble three million acres of public lands by acquiring and managing 500,000 acres of private lands, creating a fully functioning ecosystem complete with migration corridors and all native wildlife.

This is how you turn 5,000 deeded acres into a 40,000-acre ranch.

Madeleine Pickens purchased base properties in Nevada fifteen years ago with the goal of returning wild horses to the range, but the plan was thwarted by the BLM at the behest of ranching interests.

Will the same thing happen to American Prairie?

The wild horse advocates use the Montana Solution to achieve their land-use goals, which align with those of the bureaucrats and ranchers.

Curiously, the Billings School of PZP Darting and Public Deception is only about 150 miles from the American Prairie project area.

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