Yes to American Prairie, No to Mustang Monument

If the decision is not overruled, American Prairie will be able to graze bison on four BLM allotments currently permitted for cattle.  Two of the seven allotments covered by the project are already designated for bison.  One is permitted for cattle and will remain that way.

The nonprofit obtained grazing preference through the purchase or acquisition of private lands serving as base properties for the allotments.

In a similar manner, Madeleine Pickens, founder of Mustang Monument, purchased base properties tied to the Spruce and Valley Mountain allotments in eastern Nevada.

The plan was to take 30,000 wild horses out of government pens and put them on the allotments, initially with the concurrence and support of the BLM.

The agency later reneged, as explained in this story by KLAS News of Las Vegas, bowing to pressure from the public-lands ranchers.

The status of the NEPA project that assessed the environmental impacts of the proposed sanctuary is not known, or if one even exists.

The advocates probably won’t see any opportunities for the Montana Solution in the decision favoring American Prairie, which could provide a basis for redress of the BLM’s conduct at Mustang Monument, so don’t be surprised if they ignore it.

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