Nevada Checkerboard Parcel Hits Market for $130K

The property covers 640 acres (one square mile) near Imlay, with spectacular views of Imlay Summit, Rye Patch Reservoir and sometimes wild horses and antelope, according to the listing on Redfin.

The National Data Viewer puts it inside the Antelope Range HA, the lawful home of wild horses, which lies within the Majuba Allotment.

To the west are the Kamma Mountains, Lava Beds and Seven Troughs HMAs, shown with orange borders in the following map.  Click on image to open in new tab.

There were 172 horses in the HA last year, according to the HA/HMA Report.

The Allotment Master Report puts Majuba in the Improve category, with 3,325 active AUMs on 186,083 public acres.  The subject parcel was likely counted among the 90,434 private acres contained in the allotment.

Nevada Cherckerboard Parcel 03-17-23

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