Draft EA Released for Pryor Mountain RMP Update

The preliminary EA and supporting documents were copied to the project folder today.

Comments will be accepted through April 14, according to the BLM news release.

Alternative 2, the Proposed Action, would try to achieve these goals:

  • Manage wild horses and resources to maintain a thriving natural ecological balance and multiple use relationship
  • Manage for healthy wild horses, maintain a level of genetic diversity that avoids inbreeding and maintain characteristics that are typical of Pryor Mountain horses of mixed ancestry including Colonial Spanish
  • Manage population growth using including gathers, fertility control, natural means, or a combination of these techniques

The AML would increase slightly, from the current 90-120 to 108-121.

The current population is thought to be around 200 wild horses.

The WHR is not subject to permitted grazing but is subject to the Montana Solution according to the February 7 resource enforcement schedule.

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