Additional Comments Sought for Pryor Management Plan Update

Comments submitted during the scoping period in 2020 need not be resubmitted, according to today’s news release, but an additional document regarding genetic diversity has been posted to the project folder for public review.

The goal is to improve herd genetics, but not at the expense of ecosystem sustainability and the available resources.

The Western Watersheds map shows the WHR is surrounded on three sides by grazing allotments, both Forest Service and BLM.  Grazing does not occur inside the WHR.

Pryor Mountains WHR Map 03-30-22

The map does not show the portion of the WHR managed by the Forest Service.

Bringing in horses from other areas dilutes herd identity.

It’s a management trick that boosts genetic diversity while keeping herd sizes small, a nod to the public-lands ranchers.

In the future, you won’t be able to adopt a Pryor Mountains horse, only a horse captured in the Pryor Mountains WHR.

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