Fur Flies at SB90 Hearing

The action begins at 13:29 in the following video when Tracy “You need to manage the numbers to fit what’s available for the horses” Wilson, field marshal with the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, describes the poisoning of the Virginia Range mares as the world’s largest wild horse conservation program, humanely reducing the population without the need for removals.

Wilson notes that the measure is a designation, it does not seek protections, which is what the horses need—from her and her army of volunteers.

Crime in the Wild Horse World 05-26-22

Kris Thompson, project manager at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, who can’t see any adverse effects of the darting program, tells the commission at 19:15 that the companies at TRIC like the horses because they appeal to their sense of who they are, yet some of them are working with CAAWH to destroy the herd, as occurred years ago on the Maryland side of Assateague Island.

With the darting program moving into its fifth year, many of the mares are now at risk of sterility and nobody’s talking about that.

Testimony continues with remarks from Greg Hendricks, former director of field operations for CAAWH and front man for the Virginia Range darting effort, and Deborah Walker, no longer with CAAWH but recruited from the Pine Nut advocacy group in exchange for Deniz Bolbol, a grifter later picked up by The Cloud Foundation, seen here with a DanInject darting rifle.

Deniz Bolbol TCF Darter 03-11-23

Why did they leave CAAWH?  Or were they pushed out?  Not radical enough?

At 27:35, Senator Hansen confronts Hendricks about the Virginia Range darting program.  The question should have been put to Wilson.

“It’s been a miserable failure.”

“You obviously want to see the horse numbers reduced, have you guys got a number in your head as to what the proper herd management level should be in Storey County?”

Wilson takes up the response at 28:37, explaining that between the pesticide applications and foal predations, the population has declined by almost 20%, meaning the herd is now dying off, exactly what the bureaucrats and ranchers want.

This is what the advocates mean by “a better way.”  Drive the birth rate to zero for maximum effect.

As for the big picture, Wilson is not just answering the Senator’s questions but signaling an interest in more such business from the bureaucrats and ranchers.

Hansen, a ranching sympathizer, was likely coached before the hearing and his target of 600 wild horses was probably suggested by bureaucrats at NDOW, NDA and/or the BLM, to bring the Virginia Range in line with targets on public lands that shift most of the resources to privately owned cattle and sheep.

As of today, it’s still an outlier that contradicts their narrative and they want it erased.

His claim at 30:25 that wild horses destroy the habitat of indigenous species conveniently ignores the presence and impact of non-native livestock across Nevada and the American west.  This is why bighorn sheep, a native species, are on the decline.

Wilson doesn’t push back because CAAWH, like most advocacy groups, is their ally.

Senator Goicoechea, who runs cattle on the Mitchell Creek Allotment and pleaded for more control of wild horses at 41:04, should have recused himself, as his personal fortunes might be affected by the outcome of the debate.

Public comments in favor of the bill begin at 45:20.

Comments in opposition begin at 1:02:59.

Neutral testimony begins at 1:46:32.

Closing remarks begin at 1:51:00.

The hearing concludes with public comments not related to SB90, at least in theory.

Meeting adjourned at 1:56:25.

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