The Experiment Is a Success!

So says the writer of an opinion piece appearing today in the Reno Gazette-Journal.

He’s talking about a Virginia Range darting program that started a year ago.  To date, his ‘volunteers’ have ‘treated’ over 950 mares with PZP.

At least he didn’t refer to them as ‘advocates,’ because they aren’t, and neither is he.

The Virginia Range, with a stocking rate of approximately ten wild horses per thousand acres, refutes the claim by the BLM that western rangelands can only support one wild horse per thousand acres.

And these idiots are destroying it.  Whose side are they on?

The author says “PZP doesn’t hurt horses.”  Apparently, he hasn’t looked at the data for the Assateague herd, where it has been applied for many years.

The EPA was recently ordered to review new evidence of the detrimental effects of the pesticide, that may lead to the withdrawal of its registration.

But he describes the affair as a model for humane management of wild horse herds.

The organization backing the venture is the American Wild Horse Campaign.

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