Foal-Free Friday, Insulating You from the Truth Edition

What’s the major difference between roundups and fertility control programs?

The herds bounce back after roundups.

The advocates tell you that PZP is safe and reversible while GonaCon is a sterilant, but the only difference is timing: GonaCon sterilizes with one or two doses while PZP requires five or six.

Thus, the Montana Solution is to wild horses as the Final Solution was to Jews.

Gradual extermination of the pests.

The advocates refer to it as “a better way.”

The current lull in gather activity, and a roundup schedule dominated by fertility control programs, means the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, its affiliates, offshoots and supporters, are now the undisputed leaders in the wild horse removal industry.

Western Horse Watchers does not expect the pattern to continue, because the ranchers are impatient.

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