SB90 Dishonors Virginia Range and Velma’s Legacy

It’s not ground zero in the wild horse preservation movement.

It’s not the most glaring example in the western U.S. that contradicts the overpopulation narrative and statements by the bureaucrats and ranchers about how many wild horses the land can support.

Instead, the Virginia Range is one of the largest humane management programs for wild mustangs according to the bill text, a product of the Nevada Department of Agriculture and the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses.

Did you know that Velma Johnston advocated for humane management of wild horses, a euphemism for destroying their ovaries with a restricted-use pesticide?

Protect Wild Horses from Advocates 08-29-21

A story posted yesterday by KOLO News said the Nevada Senate Committee on Natural Resources will consider the measure on March 7, consistent with the overview at NELIS.

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