Foal-Free Friday, Keeping Them Wild and Free Edition

Today we recognize a remarkable achievement of the advocates.

With an unexpected lull in gather activity and a schedule dominated by fertility control programs, they are now leaders in the wild horse removal industry.

In fact, if they get their way, future schedules will have a limited number of roundups but massive delivery of their favorite pesticide.

This practice, sometimes referred to as keep them wild and free, humane management, or a better way, means few if any youngsters, gradual extermination of the herds and most of their food consumed by livestock, as specified in the land-use plans.

You can learn more about these concepts at the SOWH DC conference.

SOWH Postcard Campaign 02-23-23

Pre-conference activity includes a postcard campaign.

Events like this keep their base fired up while accomplishing nothing for wild horses.

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