Foal-Free Friday, Spending Your Money Wisely Edition

Would you attend a conference organized by those who say PZP is not a pesticide?

Should you support an organization that

What about groups that

  • Care far more about their standing with the bureaucrats and ranchers than they do about the horses?
  • Want to be leaders in the wild horse removal industry?
  • Won’t provide data for their darting programs, including herd sizes, demographics and changes year over year?

What about individuals that

  • Refer to sterilized mares as self-boosting?
  • Describe abnormal sex ratios as mares living longer?
  • Say preservation when they mean eradication?
  • Tell you the herds are aging out, not dying off?
  • Want the ranchers to succeed, not the horses?
  • Treat their cherished/beloved/innocent wild horses as pests.

What should you believe?  Their words or their deeds?

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For Your Innocent Ants and Roaches 10-23-22

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