Dilemma for Ranchers: How to Support WHFB Inconspicuously

In the interview posted yesterday about the Wild Horse Fire Brigade, Simpson tells Sherwood that his mission is to resolve conflicts by moving wild horses from areas where they’re not wanted, sometimes referred to as their lawful homes, to remote wilderness areas not particularly suited to livestock grazing.

Not wanted by whom?

Why aren’t the horses there already?

Sherwood isn’t curious who might be backing the nonprofit and does not ask for disclosure of its supporters.

Although Simpson comes down on the right side of many issues, such as rangeland health and fertility control, he goes off the rails with WHFB.  It is a scam, exactly what the ranchers ordered.

He does not acknowledge that the conflict can be resolved and the animals can be rewilded, several times over, by confining the ranchers to their base properties in a year-round off season.

As for Sherwood, her fawning support of the project represents total defeat.

The video description, presumably of her authorship, says “The Wild Horse Fire Brigade has the only viable sensible realistic solution if we really want to save the last remaining wild horses of America.”

You just screwed up, dear, big time.

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McKinney Fire 08-08-22

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