Foal-Free Friday, Fooling You with Euphemisms Edition

The wild horse advocates are experts at concealing their true intentions and loyalties, much like the Democrat Party.

For example, “protect wild horses” means get rid of them with the Montana Solution, leave most of their food to the public-lands ranchers.

“Humane management” means beat down the horse population with a restricted-use pesticide in their lawful home so livestock can access most of the resources.

Systematic elimination by helicopter must be replaced with systematic elimination by poison-filled darts.

Vaccines don’t prevent illness, they cause it.

VR Darting Injury 09-15-21

Mares ruined by the treatments aren’t sterile, they’re self-boosting.

On the Virginia Range, the herd isn’t dying off, it’s aging out.

McCullough Peaks doesn’t have an abnormal sex ratio, mares are living longer.

At Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the herd should be large enough to have a healthy breeding population but breeding should be limited with a fertility control program.

Makes perfect sense.

The advocates are voices for the bureaucrats and ranchers, not wild horses.

Why are you still giving them money?

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