FOAL Goes Public with McCullough Comments

There are no remarks about livestock, grazing, forage allocations and management priorities in their response to the scoping letter, appearing in today’s edition of the Powell Tribune.

The group provides darting services to the BLM, beating down the horse population while leaving most of their food for the public-lands ranchers.

Perhaps we should refer to them as Friends of Authorized Livestock.

Of interest is their take on sterility and sex ratio skewing.

GonaCon causes sterility, not in females but in males.  How did they come up with that?

Mares that respond to the Montana Solution live longer, according to their statement, meaning that females will outnumber males, if they don’t already, and the sex ratio will be skewed in favor of females.

The pattern has been evident at Assateague Island for many years, a documented side-effect of PZP that the advocates deny.

They don’t talk much about sterility either, referring to such mares as self-boosting.

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