New Documentary Peddles Overpopulation Narrative

A fundraiser, to cover post-production expenses, is set for February 15, according to a story by The Other Paper of South Burlington, VT.

The film will educate the public about wild horses on America’s public lands while inspiring women to pursue their dreams.

Problem statement here.

2 thoughts on “New Documentary Peddles Overpopulation Narrative

  1. “Their hope is to provide an unbiased perspective on the wild horse crisis. ”
    Unbiased? That’s a good one!
    Even if they meant it, that just isn’t humanly possible. As any actually good documentary filmmaker will be the first to say.
    And these cowgirls are blatantly biased, as in anti-wild horse.
    How else would they have gotten their funding? Which appears to include public money, and Wyoming PBS.
    And of course, corporate donors for this blatant propaganda, issued as Wyoming steps up its war on the remaining horses.
    Better use of time? Watch Eric Molvar’s video on Red Desert, available on YouTube.
    Sure, the piece was sponsored by our least favorite group, but that org may as well use their considerable money on something worthwhile.
    The content is jarring, as have been the devastating and unnecessary roundups in Red Desert WY.

  2. One of the women is head wrangler at A Bar A ranch in WY. They also own 2 other ranches next to it -> Big Creek and Stateline. I wonder how many public grazing allotments they have for their cows and how unbiased she is?

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