SOWH Call to Action Promotes McCullough Darting Program

A “How To” provided by Save Our Wild Horses begins with some information about livestock grazing and forage allocations, including an unsubstantiated remark about the number of horses the HMA can actually sustain (wonder where they got that from), then goes off the rails by defending the safe, proven and reversible fertility control program, claiming that PZP is not a pesticide, does not sterilize and has no effect on sex ratios!

Did you know that some advocates are vegans, not necessarily at SOWH, as they don’t agree with the slaughter of animals for human consumption, yet they have no problem with the killing of pigs to support their PZP habit?

The group sponsored a conference in Washington last year, where attendees had smoke blown up their butts for several days about HMAPs, which must conform to RMPs and are therefore of no use to America’s wild horses.

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PZP Dangers 10-21-22

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