Cloud Foundation Behind Surge in McCullough Comments?

A blog post by Horses in the South dated January 31 has all the markings of a useless, perhaps harmful, call to action by the wild horse advocates.

TCF Behind McCullough Comment Surge 02-01-23

Readers are directed to the project site in ePlanning, where they are supposed to tell the BLM that they

  • Support the (ruinous) darting program, a model for other HMAs
  • Disagree with the removal of any wild horses (unless done with PZP)
  • Oppose the use of GonaCon and other methods that destroy ovaries (PZP excepted)

The action alert was attributed to The Cloud Foundation.

Western Horse Watchers does not know if it originated with TCF or is simply a reprint of an exhortation written by other PZP fanatics and pleaders for the public-lands ranchers and forwarded by TCF to drive the comment total even higher.

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For Your Beloved Ants and Roaches 10-08-22

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