Advocates Fuming After BLM Nabs Pine Nut Horses

Getting rid of wild horses is their job, not the government’s.

The possibility of a nuisance gather was mentioned in the January edition of Horse Tales, in a column starting at the top of page four.

The author, a real estate agent, PZP darter and pleader for the public-lands ranchers, was interviewed for a story about the removal by The Record-Courier of Minden, NV.

Five horses were captured and taken to the off-range corrals at Palomino Valley.

Note the absence of youngsters in the photo.  This is the handiwork of the advocates.

The horses don’t have to compete with cattle according to the article, although the National Data Viewer suggests otherwise.

In this map, the Pine Nut HA is shown in black, the HMA is orange and the allotments are green.  Click on image to open in new tab.

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Resource Management in Pine Nut Mountains 01-24-23

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