PZP Doesn’t Grow on Trees

A story dated January 18 by WIRED magazine explains how undercover video of gas chamber operations was obtained from a meatpacking plant in Vernon, CA.

The facility is owned by Smithfield Foods, a producer of pork controlled by the Chinese conglomerate WH Group.

The footage, showing how pigs are suffocated in an oxygen-deficient atmosphere, was copied to the interloper’s Vimeo channel.

In the following example, the animals are pushed into a cage which is lowered into the chamber where they die.  The camera was attached to the cage.

After a few minutes, the cage comes back up and they are dumped out for processing.

Is this where the folks at the Billings School of PZP Darting and Public Deception get their pig ovaries?

Who knows.

But the production process starts in plants like this.

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