Why Are We Sickened by Images of Orphaned Calves and Foals?

The story in Colorado Politics of a calf calling for its mother, who had been gunned down by Forest Service personnel or their agents, carried to the scene by helicopter, is sad and terrifying as the author suggests.

Then there was the foal put down on Day 4 of the 2021 Jackson Mountains roundup not because of a pre-existing condition, but because it was an orphan.  The BLM later edited the report to conceal the incident.

Why do these events make us sick?

Could it be they’re an affront to our innate understanding of family, and the importance thereof, written on our hearts by our creator?

Sodomites with Pet Children 01-16-23

Not the twisted notions promoted by liberals, such as two sodomites and their pet children, or the mergers and acquisitions of divorce and remarry, but the uniting until death of husband and wife in the holy sacrament of marriage and their subsequent cooperation with God to bring forth the future inhabitants of heaven.

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