Wyoming Legislature Petitions Congress to Legalize Slaughter

The sponsor of the new resolution, an outfitter and rancher, was moved by a visit to the Red Desert last year, according to a story posted this evening by WyoFile.

He was accompanied by a rangeland specialist (from the BLM?) and members of the Rock Springs Grazing Association, instigators of the Rock Springs RMP Amendments.

The bill asks Congress to enact legislation and make other necessary policy changes to allow federal land management agencies and agency partners to implement best management practices for wild horses and burros, including equine slaughter and processing for shipment to markets within or outside the United States.

6 thoughts on “Wyoming Legislature Petitions Congress to Legalize Slaughter

  1. This should be no surprise to anyone who saw the Oscar- worthy performance by Holle Waddell on Sixty Minutes, which should change its name to The Propaganda Hour.
    ‘Twas part of the set up.
    Clever, aren’t they? Sharpening their knives as they dupe the American public.
    Do we suppose the few members of Congress who care will be able to stop this?
    There were only weak murmurs of opposition to the Path Forward, and this is truly more of that plan, Stage II: the Logical Conclusion.
    All the devils and all the cowards who are complicit in this devastation will meet their maker.

  2. Holle Waddell from blm advisory board??? Are you kidding me? She is very much pro-slaughter and probably has never been to a roundup…holding pen..or anywhere near a wild horse.!!!
    All paid puppets on BLM salary from DOI and OUR TAX DOLLARS!!! She is an well paid puppet under thePUPPETMASTER….
    N O T H I N G..!!!!

    1. I agree with this Pat.
      My thoughts are the land is more important than anything living. It is a sad world where wildlife, and Federal Government can take Puplic Land away from protected Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros.

  3. Horses were never bred for slaughter or food supply, we have laws in this country that protect our wild mustangs and every government agency is ignoring that law, you get it to get your way to allow cattle and sheep to graze on public lands. After the sand wash basin Roundup stating that there was not enough forage for wild horses 3 weeks later there are 2,000 sheep on the same land, the BLM and all government agencies are lying about how much forage there is for a wild horses and other or her before is like deer and elk etc. Our public lands do not belong to private companies they belong to the public get private companies off our public lands. I’m sick and tired of the BLM and other agencies lying when with regards to horses. This is an inhumane practice cattle aren’t even slaughtered humanely anymore you people are sick.


  5. America has become (or maybe it always has) a butcher of animals..I’m talking wild animals. Thus is NOT what taxpayers want but our government seems to care less about what we want, which is, a healthy, clean environment & wild animals to thrive…NOT setting inhumane traps, or shooting bears in their dens or dogs chasing wild animals & ripping them to shreds OR FEDERALLY PROTECTED WILD MUSTANGS AND BURROS to be CRUELY ROUNED UP BY CRUEL FELONS…AKA DAVE CATTOR & thrown into DISGUSTING feed lots thst are FILTHY where hundreds of these iconic animals catch all kinds of diseases & ultimately die…NOR do we want them adopted into a corrupt system i.e. AIP where unscrupulous *people* adopt them strictly for the $1,000.00 & then promptly sell them to KILL BUYERS & sent to a GRUESOME/INHUMANE slaughter house. We, THE PEOPLE, WANT OUR FEDERALLY PROTECTED WILD MUSTANGS AND BURROS to REMAIN FREE & SERIOUSLY PROTECTED from corruption..which is very much what the DOI/USFS/WILDLIFE AGENCY/&blm is involved in.

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