Advocates Need New Touchstone for Wild Horse Management?

With the Assateague herd ruined by the Montana Solution and the Park Service mum, the advocates need a rising star they can point to as an example of the safety of their darting programs, before the American people realize they’re liars and frauds.

The Virginia Range is one contender.  It’s the largest program of its kind and, although the effects are not yet obvious, the long-term goal may be to take a herd of 3,000 wild horses down to 600 or less as suggested by the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

Massive sterilization will be required to hit the target in a reasonable timeframe.

But the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses is up to the challenge, aided by four nitwits who have delivered over 1,000 doses each of the pesticide.

The Salt River was also a candidate, but the program lost some of its luster recently when the ringleader admitted she’s trying to get rid of the horses.

As always, the truth will be their undoing.

But now, an article written by a PZP darter about another PZP darter offers new hope.

The Spring Creek Basin HMA in Colorado has been roundup free since 2011, thanks to the efforts of a volunteer and her safe, proven and reversible darting program, the same type that ruined the Assateague herd.

The AML increase was underwritten by changes to forage allocations in a management plan update.

Also included were population growth suppression, introduction of horses from other areas and forced age distribution.

As for the dearth of roundups, you can find any number of HMAs that haven’t been gathered in the last ten years by looking at the March 1 HA/HMA Report.  The last gather date is given in the second column from the right in the tables for each state.

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