Spring Creek Management Plan Updated

A revised management plan for Spring Creek Basin HMA has been approved, according to a report published yesterday by The Journal of Cortez, CO.  Western Horse Watchers was unable to find an announcement at the BLM news site.

The Decision Record, which authorized Alternative A in the EA (the Proposed Action), has no signatures and no dates.  The 30-day appeal period began July 20.

The new plan includes:

  • A larger AML (was 35 – 65, now 50 – 80)
  • Decreased herd growth rates (fertility control)
  • Monitoring criteria for identifying excess horses
  • Bait trapping as the preferred method of removal (helicopters not banned)
  • Introduction of outside horses to increase genetic diversity
  • Forced age distribution
  • Vegetation monitoring objectives
  • New water developments to increase wild horse dispersion

Although livestock grazing does not occur in the HMA, it was not designated a WHR.

The HMA covers approximately 22,000 acres in western Colorado.

RELATED: Comments Invited on Spring Creek EA.

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