Words Have Different Meanings in the Wild Horse World

Here’s a quick update on current usage:

Protect Wild Horses – Get rid of them with the Montana Solution

Keep Them Wild and Free – Ditto

Cruel and Costly Roundups – The advocates have a better way (to get rid of them)

On-Range Management – Take them off the range with the Montana Solution

Humane Management – Ditto

Cherished/Beloved/Innocent Wild Horses – Pests

In this example, the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses wants to replace removal by helicopter with removal by pesticide.

CAAWH Paid Ad on Google 12-29-22

As announced by one of their field marshals in September, you need to manage the numbers to fit what’s available for the horses.

What a loser.

Documenting roundups does not stop roundups and it damn sure doesn’t tell you what to do instead.

You’ll have to look elsewhere for that knowledge.

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For Your Innocent Ants and Roaches 10-23-22

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