Two Doses of PZP for the Price of One?

The Billings School of PZP Darting is not having an after-Christmas sale.

Rather, the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses has a one-for-one matching gift program through the end of the year.

If you donate, say, $35, the cost of one dose of their favorite pesticide, an unnamed donor will also contribute $35, allowing them to inhibit two wild mares for a year, not just one, or push two older mares into sterility.

The downside is that darted mares still eat but in the long run, ranchers will be able to access more and more of their food as the herds die off.

CAAWH Matching Gift 12-28-22

Would you be surprised if the unnamed donor was a ranching advocacy group, farm bureau or stockgrower’s association?

Their legislative agenda consists of persuading the politicians to allocate more and more money for on-range management, code words for getting rid of them with the Montana Solution, and to influence new bills such as the self-serving HR 9154.

As for the legal agenda, they may try to block a roundup every now and then or thwart the construction of a new off-range holding facility, but they won’t say a word about the management plans that assign most of the resources to privately owned livestock.

From time to time they criticize the public-lands ranchers, but no offense is taken.

It’s all part of the charade that keeps the donations rolling in while maintaining the status quo.

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