Whose Fingerprints on HR 9154?

You know them by their deeds, not by their words.

They’re purveyors of the Montana Solution.

They intend to be leaders in the wild horse removal industry.

They think livestock should be the primary consumers of resources in areas set aside for wild horses.

They’re getting rid of 400 to 600 wild horses every year on the Virginia Range, site of their flagship darting program, with many of the mares now at risk of sterility.

They wear “Stay Wild” caps.

Stay Wild Cap 04-22-22

They couldn’t convert an AML to AUMs if their lives depended on it, much less compute a forage allocation for livestock in the lawful home of wild horses, but they can tell you exactly how much adjuvant to add to the PZP and how long to mix them.

FOAL Mixing PZP 01-18-22

They’re fighting crime on America’s public lands.

Crime in the Wild Horse World 05-26-22

Their standard-bearer knew what was in the bill and wrote about it in the October edition of Horse Tales, before the text was published (page 7).

They are allies of the bureaucrats and ranchers.

The last thing they want you to know about wild horses is the truth.

They’re not who they say they are.

Most are female, liberal, innumerate and aborting/contracepting/sterilizing in their own lives.

Who are they?

The advocates, a miserable lot, led by the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, experts at separating you from your money under the guise of saving wild horses.

RELATED: HR 9154 Prohibits Surgical, Not Chemical Sterilization.

Cattle on Virginia Range 08-18-22

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