Last Day to Comment on Stone Cabin EA

Eleven submittals, consisting of one or more comments, have been received as of this morning.

The only document copied to the project folder was the Draft EA.

This chart tells you that the Stone Cabin HMA can support many more horses than the government allows and also explains why it’s eager to get rid of them.

Stone Cabin Resource Allocations 11-23-22

The forage assigned to wildlife was estimated.  The Allotment Master Report provides active AUMs for livestock.

How can the HMA be overpopulated with 651 wild horses, as stated in Table 1, when the BLM authorizes privately owned livestock equivalent to 1,192 wild horses in the same area, on top of the 364 allowed by plan?

Pay no attention to the advocates.  They will only try to convince you that everything can be fixed with an HMAP and darting program.

Actually, the BLM tells you how to solve the problem in Section 2.6.7: “Changes to livestock grazing cannot be made through a wild horse gather decision and are only possible if BLM first revises the LUPs [land-use plans] to allocate livestock forage to wild horses and to eliminate or reduce livestock grazing.”

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