Pie Charts for Thanksgiving

Best served with a dollop of sour cream.  Figures from the wild horse and burro program data page.


Off-range holding: $83.438 million

Gathers and removals: $12.186 million

Adoptions: $12.308 million

Other: $30.530 million

FY 2022 Program Expenditures 11-24-22

Off-Range Holding

Corrals (short term): 23,253

Pastures (long term): 41,116

Total (horses and burros): 64,369

November 2022 Off-Range Holding 11-24-22

Animals in Off-Range Holding

Horses: 61,438

Burros: 2,931

Total: 64,369

November 2022 Animals in Off-Range Holding 11-24-22

Removal History

FY 2018: 11,472

FY 2019: 7,979

FY 2020: 10,824

FY 2021: 13,666

FY 2022: 20,193

Removal History 11-24-22

On-Range Population

Horses: 64,604

Burros: 17,780

Total: 82,384

March 2022 On-Range Population 11-24-22

Resource Management, the Most Important Data That Aren’t There

This is where the advocates go off the rails.

Horses and burros: Around 320,000 AUMs per year

Cattle and sheep: Not reported, estimated to be 1,280,000 AUMs per year

Wildlife: Ignored

Resource Management in HMAs 11-24-22

The chart tells you that areas set aside for horses and burros can support many more animals than the government admits and explains why so many of them are are being taken off the range.

With considerable dietary overlap, you can slice the pie just about any way you want, to suit whatever interests you want to suit.

Did you think the Caliente Complex was zeroed-out because the forage was unsuitable for horses?

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