Stone Cabin Pest Control Plan Out for Public Review

A new project has been created in ePlanning and the Draft EA has been copied to the document folder.

A letter soliciting public input for the scoping phase could not be found.

The project targets the Stone Cabin Complex in central Nevada, consisting of the Saulsbury and Stone Cabin HMAs, but not the Monitor WHT which lies in between.

The Proposed Action would remove excess animals with cruel and costly helicopter roundups, adjust sex ratios in favor of males, and apply population growth suppression such as safe, proven and reversible fertility control, gelding of stallions and IUDs, over a ten-year period.

Stone Cabin Complex Map 10-26-22

The Complex is subject to permitted grazing.  Livestock in the Stone Cabin HMA receive 14,301 AUMs per year according to Table 3 of the EA, compared to 4,368 AUMs per year for the horses, at least on paper.

As the herd grows, the horses reclaim more and more of their food from the ranchers, upsetting the thriving ecological imbalance established by the bureaucrats.

The Proposed Action will shift resources back to the ranchers and keep them there.

The Complex has no HMAP.  If it did, livestock in the Stone Cabin HMA would still receive 3.3 times more forage than the horses.

The problem is resource management, not humane management.

The BLM news release said comments will be accepted until November 23.

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