How to Tell if an Idea Is Good for America’s Wild Horses

If the advocates endorse it, it’s bad.

For example, the Animal Welfare Institute, in cooperation with the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, claims that HR 9154, which would amend the WHB Act, represents a long overdue upgrade to the law so that wild equines can be managed humanely in their natural habitats for Americans to enjoy.

This, of course, means “get rid of them with the Montana Solution” so ranchers can be the primary consumers of resources in their lawful homes.

  • Barren mares
  • Confused stallions
  • Shrinking herds
  • Injuries and infections
  • Abnormal sex ratios
  • Massive human involvement
  • Subordination to livestock

The advocates were defeated a long time ago.

Today, they carry water for the bureaucrats and ranchers.

They treat their cherished horses and burros—sorry, they may be switching to beloved, as seen in the article by the Las Vegas Review-Journal—the way you treat your beloved ants and roaches.

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For Your Beloved Ants and Roaches 10-08-22

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