Advocates Outraged by Alpine Wild Horse Shootings?

Fourteen horses have been found dead so far, according to a story posted this evening by KPHO News of Phoenix.

Simone Netherlands, ringleader of the Salt River Wild Horse Darting Group, told the reporter that the “atrocity shows … just how much hate there is for these horses.”

Speaking of hate, Western Horse Watchers estimates that the group, an affiliate of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, gets rid of about 80 wild horses every year at the Salt River.

Their colleagues on the Virginia Range are getting rid of an estimated 400 to 600 wild horses every year with the Montana Solution.

Who’s the greater threat to America’s wild horses?  Shooters or the advocates?

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2 thoughts on “Advocates Outraged by Alpine Wild Horse Shootings?

  1. I think both shooters and advocates are threats to America’s Wild Horses. Advocates are not raising their voices against this brutal act. It is heartbreaking. Poor horses.

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