Lawmakers Draft Another Stupid Bill for Wild Horses

This article by the Las Vegas Review-Journal does not provide a link to the measure but Western Horse Watchers suspects it’s HR 9154, introduced yesterday in the House and referred to the Committee on Natural Resources.

The text is not available as of today.

The bill would provide more federal funds and resources to protect wild horses and burros from slaughter, or killed for management goals, implement fertility control and eliminate cash for adoptions that have led to slaughter in Mexico and other countries, according to the report.

To most people, protection means stop the losses, prevent extinction and change whatever needs to be changed to help the species recover.

Not so in the wild horse world.  Protection means get rid of them with the Montana Solution, with benefits accruing to the public-lands ranchers.

Earlier this year, lawmakers proposed the ridiculous helicopter ban nicknamed “Save a Horse, Hire a Cowboy.”  Wild horses would be removed from their lawful home by wranglers, not helicopters, in favor of the ranchers.

Prompted by video from the Pancake roundup showing a foal running on a broken leg, a subsequent video from the Buffalo Hills roundup showed how it would work.  “Abuse a foal, pardon a cowboy.”

A few months later, lawmakers came up with another brilliant idea: Train combat veterans to dart wild horses with PZP, the “Veterans Against Mustangs Act.”

These bills do not address the problems of resource management and multiple use and are therefore of no benefit to America’s wild horses.

Competing Priorities ASNF 10-08-22

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