Wild Horses Shot Near Alpine

The incident occurred in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in eastern Arizona, according to a news release on EIN by Advocates for Wild Equines.

Western Horse Watchers has been unable to find a statement by ASNF.

ISPMB tried unsuccessfully earlier this year to stop the removal of wild horses from an area southwest of Alpine designated for the New Mexico Jumping Mouse.

Forest Service lands around Alpine, denoted by green in the Western Watersheds map, are subject to permitted grazing.

The Forest Service views the horses as trespass livestock.  The herd is not protected by the WHB Act, which no longer functions as Velma attended.

Alpine AZ Map 10-07-22

One thought on “Wild Horses Shot Near Alpine

  1. So, wild horses, which are indigenous are neither protected nor permitted, but the welfare ranchers cattle get preferential treatment and allowed to graze on public lands? Ridiculous!

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