Judge Sides with Forest Service in ISPMB Complaint

A federal judge ruled yesterday that 18 horses captured earlier this year need not be returned to Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests because they do not qualify for protection under the WHB Act and are therefore considered to be unauthorized livestock, according to a report posted today by Courthouse News Service.

RELATED: ISPMB Complaint Involves ASNF ‘Jumping Mouse’ Horses.

2 thoughts on “Judge Sides with Forest Service in ISPMB Complaint

  1. Just goes to show how deep the corruption runs! Either the judge is on the cattlemen’s payroll, at least under their influence. Misinformed , misguided decisions to remove our wild horses from federal land will lead to their demise and contribute to climate change.

  2. Wild horses are wildlife and a historic RESOURCE. Amend the fatally flawed Resource management plan. Other laws and court rulings provide for habitat such as FLPMA/ACEC, ESA special status species, distinct population segments, and Sec106 NHPA/NEPA.

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