Blue Wing Legal Action Centers Around HMAPs

The term does not appear in the news release issued earlier this week but that’s what it’s all about, according to a brief by Law Street Media.

A copy of the complaint was posted to Docket Alarm.

The Interior Board of Land Appeals has held that an HMAP is not a prerequisite to a wild horse roundup as long as the record indicates compliance with the WHB Act, as noted, for example, in Section 1.1 of the Final EA for livestock protection actions in the Bible Springs Complex.

If the BLM can show that the major components of an HMAP have been addressed, including the establishment of HMAs, AMLs and objectives for managing them, with ongoing monitoring and evaluation of whether those objectives are being met, the case will likely go down in flames and the advocates will not win the relief they seek.

A waste of time and money.  Exactly what you’d expect from the advocates.

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