Roundup Announced for Bible Springs Complex

Operations will begin August 7, as scheduled, with three HMAs and one HA affected.

The capture goal is 450 and the removal goal is 410.  Mares treated with fertility control would be returned to the range but this is not mentioned in the news release.

Helicopters will push the horses into the traps and the incident will be open to public observation, conditions permitting.

The Complex covers 215,350 total acres in southwestern Utah and the 170 horses allowed by plan require 2,040 AUMs per year.

The aimed-at stocking rate is 0.8 wild horses per thousand acres, slightly less than the target rate across all HMAs of one wild horse per thousand acres.

The current population is thought to be 831.

The Western Watersheds map shows the arrangement.  The HA, on the north side of Four Mile,  was not included.  Click on image to open in new tab.

Bible Springs Complex Map 02-24-22

The Complex intersects 16 allotments with an estimated 7,229 AUMs per year assigned to privately owned livestock inside the HMAs.  Refer to Section 3.3.2 in the Final EA.

Captured animals will be taken to the Axtell off-range corrals, where they will be held at a cost of $5 per head per day.

The BLM will collect $9,759 per year in grazing fees from the permittees while it spends $1.1 million per year to care for the 602 wild horses the resource would support.

Would you say that’s a wise use of the public lands?

Gather stats and daily reports will be posted to this page.

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