Bible Springs Allotment Status

Section 3.3.2 in the Draft EA for resource enforcement actions in the Complex indicates 16 allotments with acreage inside the HMAs, although Table 3.1 shows 17.

The Allotment Master Report provides size, management status and active AUMs.

Bible Springs Allotment Calcs 06-05-22

Approximately 69% of the public acres are in the Improve category.

Of the six allotments in the Maintain category, only Pine Valley has most its acreage outside the HMAs, according to the Western Watersheds map.  If wild horses are damaging public lands, all of those allotments should be outside the HMAs.

Forage production averages 46 AUMs per thousand acres, enough to support 3.8 wild horses per thousand acres.

The 170 horses allowed by plan roam on approximately 215,000 acres, so the land should be able to support 170 + 215 × 3.8 = 987 wild horses.

The current population is thought to be 831 per Section 1.1 of the EA.

If there was no dietary overlap between horses and livestock, there’d be no grazing inside the Complex and the horses probably wouldn’t survive beyond it.

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