Wild Horse Freedom Rallies Focus on SAFE Act?

Interest in the bill, which died in committee last week according to a story posted yesterday by CBS News of Colorado, may have received a boost due to a report by the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses about the adoption incentive program and the number of horses sent to kill pens.

The solution?  Replacing cash incentives with vouchers for veterinary care or training to gentle the animals.

Better yet, stop reproduction with the Montana Solution and let the herds die off.

The writer—not CAAWH—suggests the problem lies elsewhere.

“The Bureau of Land Management has said wild horse roundups are necessary because there aren’t enough resources for the horses, but as CBS4 Investigates reported in May, those lands are also shared by private ranchers who are allowed to graze their cattle and sheep there.”

You won’t hear that from CAAWH and their surrogates.

They intend to be leaders in the wild horse removal business, aiding and abetting the ranchers, as announced on September 15.

Next to the federal government, nobody’s getting rid of more wild horses than CAAWH and its army of nitwits.

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Protecting Wild Horses on Virginia Range 06-25-22

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