Chemehuevi Roundup Ends

Operations concluded on or about September 21, according to information at the gather page, with 243 burros captured, 242 shipped and one dead.

The gather page indicated capture and removal goals of 275 each but the latest schedule puts the targets at 225 each.  The incident did not appear in the previous version.

The death on September 17 was attributed to the roundup.  No details were given.

The death rate was 0.4%.

The capture total included 106 jacks, 93 jennies and 43 foals.

Youngsters represented 17.7% of the animals gathered.

Of the adults, 53.3% were male and 46.7% were female.

The daily reports did not provide breakdowns of jacks, jennies and foals.

The sum of those figures falls short of the total by one.

The incident was not announced at the BLM news site.

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