Chemehuevi Nuisance Roundup in the Works?

A new project has been created in ePlanning and a Categorical Exclusion has been posted with no opportunities for public comment.

The document includes a signed Decision Memorandum on page 17, suggesting the process is now in the appeal stage.

The Proposed Action would utilize bait traps to capture and remove approximately 275 nuisance burros outside the Chemehuevi HA and HMA, on tribal lands within the Chemehuevi Indian Reservation, Colorado River Indian Tribe lands and Metropolitan Water District private property.

The HMA occupies about one third of the HA, with 108 burros allowed by plan.

The maps in Attachment 1 show the arrangement.

The current population is thought to be 764, with burros drifting into populated areas causing disturbance within the Chemehuevi Indian Reservation, creating hazardous conditions to the public near highways and public health and safety issues on private property, according to the discussion in Section A of the CX.

A Chemehuevi roundup does not appear in the latest schedule.

Chemehuevi HMA Map 08-15-22

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