Blue Wing Roundup Ends

The incident concluded on August 11, according to a statement at the gather page, with 162 horses captured, 130 shipped, four dead and none released.

The number of unaccounted-for animals was 28.

The operation also took 805 burros off the land, with 754 shipped, ten dead and none released, leaving 41 unaccounted-for animals.

These figures are based on the daily reports, not the totals posted by the BLM.

The capture and removal goals were identical, 200 horses and 800 burros, suggesting that no animals will be treated with fertility control and returned to the Complex.

Foals represented 10.5% of the horses gathered and 7.7% of the burros, considerably less than the 25% needed to produce herd growth rates of 20 % per year.

The roundup proceeded as planned, despite two legal complaints by the advocates, one involving HMAPs and the other involving rights protected by the First Amendment.

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