Blue Wing Roundup Announced

The incident will begin on or about August 1, according to a BLM news release, with five HMAs and four HAs affected.

Helicopters will push the animals into the traps and operations will be open to public observation.

The capture and removal goals are 200 wild horses and 800 wild burros.  No animals will be treated with fertility control and returned to the range.

The Complex covers about 1.2 million total acres northeast Pyramid Lake, NV and has a combined AML of 553 horses and 90 burros, equivalent to 598 horses.  Refer to Table 1 in the Final EA for resource enforcement actions therein.

The HAs are no longer managed for horses and burros and have an AML of zero.

The Western Watersheds map shows the arrangement.  The HAs are not included.’

The current population is thought to be 1,695 horses and 1,327 burros.

Blue Wing Complex Map 07-26-22

The HMAs lie within the massive Blue Wing – Seven Troughs Allotment, not shown on the map.

Captured horses will be taken to the off-range corrals at Palomino Valley, NV and burros will be shipped to the off-range corrals in Axtell, UT.

Gather stats and daily reports will be posted to this page.

The EA was posted with other project documents in ePlanning.

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