Investigation Finds More Slaughter Cases in AIP

The Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses said yesterday in a news release that at least 840 wild horses and burros have been sold at slaughter auctions since 2019 as a result of the Adoption Incentive Program.

Adopters pocket the cash then dump the animals at livestock auctions, where they are sold to kill buyers for slaughter in Canada and Mexico, according to the announcement.

Western Horse Watchers estimates that during the same period, CAAWH and its army of nitwits got rid of at least 2,000 wild horses with the Montana Solution.

Who’s the greater threat to these animals?

When you spray your home for bugs, do you refer to them as cherished cockroaches while you apply the pesticide, as CAAWH does to wild horses?

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Frauds of the Wild Horse World 07-08-22

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