Foal-Free Friday, Exposing the Lies of the Advocates, Part 2

The advocates will tell you that the Montana Solution is safe and reversible but experience indicates otherwise.

Trailcam images from the Virginia Range show injuries.

The herd on Assateague Island (Maryland side) is struggling to recover from the darting program, which was shut off in 2016.  Last year it grew just 7.8% and this year the Park Service refused to publish the census results, breaking a long tradition of transparency.

Wherever it’s applied, we see

  • Barren mares
  • Confused stallions
  • Injuries and infections
  • Shrinking herds
  • Abnormal sex ratios
  • Disruption of natural order
  • Subordination to livestock

Death rates are probably increasing, as explained previously.

A compilation of the effects of PZP on wild horses, assembled in 2015, appears in a report prepared by ISPMB, beginning on page 30.  The research was carried out and documented by others.  The findings predate and outrun the 2016 incident at ISPMB.

  • The vaccine does not prevent disease, it causes disease
  • PZP tricks the immune system into waging war on the ovaries
  • Treatments may lead to ovarian cysts
  • Recovery of fertility at end of treatments is slow (if at all)
  • Antibodies can be transferred to offspring via placenta and mother’s milk
  • One shot can sterilize a filly if darted before puberty
  • Risk of stillbirths may go up

The protocols call for selected mares (selected by advocates) to be taken off the treatments until they produce live foals.  Why would the procedures say “live foals?”

The advocates care far more about their standing with the bureaucrats and ranchers than they do about wild horses.

The following video shows their handiwork at the Salt River.  Support for the program comes from the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, a common denominator in many fertility control programs.

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