Foal-Free Friday, Exposing the Lies of the Advocates

As stated in April, Western Horse Watchers believes the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses has been underreporting (lying about) the effects of their darting program on the Virginia Range mustangs.

The graphic included with the post indicated a 42% reduction in the foaling rate.

However, a few weeks earlier, during the scoping period for the new Cedar Mountain resource enforcement plan, this leader in the wild horse removal industry told the BLM that herd was approaching a near-zero growth rate.

CAAWH Comments Cedar Mountain Scoping 06-30-22

This means that that foaling rate has been cut by 75% or more, corroborated by trailcam images over the past year, bringing the birth rate in line with the death rate.

Comments from the scoping period can be found in Appendix G of the Draft EA.

The appendix could be subtitled “Frauds on Parade,” given the number of comments supporting the Montana Solution and catch-treat-release.

The advocates are always eager to get rid of wild horses in favor of privately owned livestock, and to do whatever else is necessary to win the approval of their idols, the bureaucrats and ranchers.

They are fools.  Don’t give them a penny.

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VR Mustangs 06-19-22

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