Foal-Free Friday, No Major Side Effects Edition

The June edition of Horse Tales is out, complete with another [fairy] tale about wild horses by the real estate agent and PZP darter in the Minden/Gardnerville area.

The column begins at the bottom of page 19.

“The only side effect we see of the birth control vaccine PZP is that the mares continue to come into heat since they don’t get in foal.  As a result they are being bred all season long.  In some bands with multiple stallions, the mares tire of the attention.”

She needs a vision check.

Barren mares, confused stallions and shrinking herds are not side effects, they are goals.

Subordination to privately owned livestock is not a side effect, it is a goal.

Injuries and infections in treated animals—a cost of doing business.

Abnormal sex ratios?  Can’t talk about that.

Disruption of the natural order?  An unintended consequence.

What about sterilization of mares?  The ends justify the means.

The advocates profit from the status quo.  They have no reason and no desire to improve conditions for America’s wild horses.

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Saving Wild Horses 06-18-22

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