Virginia Range Darting Stats

The Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses posted the numbers to their donations page on EveryAction.

There have been no roundups because the advocates are achieving same results with the Montana Solution.  The herd has likely reached the tipping point and is now dying off.

Would you be surprised if they receive support from the bureaucrats and ranchers?

Virginia Range Darting Stats 04-26-22

Western Horse Watchers believes they are underreporting (ahem, cough-cough, lying about) the reduction in birth rates, based on trailcam images over the past year.

The mares have received an average of 3.3 treatments each, so they are about two years away from sterilization.

Will the advocates back off, allowing the mares to foal, or will they press on with their anti-horse agenda, ruining the herd but pleasing the bureaucrats and ranchers whom they adore?

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