Decision Announced for Jackson Mountains Enforcement Plan

The Proposed Action has been selected, effective immediately, and implementation can begin once funding and holding space become available.

The decision authorizes the removal of excess horses from lands in and around the HMA over a ten-year period and the use of various fertility control techniques to maintain the population within AML, according to today’s news release.

Birth rates would be limited by PZP, GonaCon, sex ratio skewing and sterilization per Section 2.2 of the Final EA.

Jackson Mountains HMA Map 05-31-22

The HMA intersects six grazing allotments, identified in Section 3.3.3, and livestock receive approximately three times more forage than the horses.  The new enforcement plan will assure that this ratio is maintained over the life of the project.

The Decision Record and Final EA were posted with other project documents.

The decision is subject to a 30-day appeal period.

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