Virginia Range Brochure Explains Fence-Out Rule

Nevada is a fence-out state, according to a flier posted by the City of Reno, meaning livestock are free to roam and feed over any property that is not fenced.

The state describes the Virginia Range mustangs as feral/estray livestock.

Wyoming is also a fence-out state but taxpayers, not RSGA, will be responsible for keeping wild horses off the property owned or leased by the association.

Most of the Virginia Range is in Storey County, but a portion on the west side lies in Washoe County, where most of the development has taken place.

Much of the area in Storey County is sparsely populated and privately held, meaning you can buy land and live among free-roaming horses, minus the youngsters of course.

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VR Mustangs Return to Higher Elevations 04-14-22

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