Wyoming Is a Fence-Out State

The rule applies to cattle and bison, according to a brochure posted by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, but not sheep.

The status of free-roaming horses was not discussed.

The brochure is based on “A Landowner’s Guide to Wildlife Friendly Fences,” written in 2008 for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.  The 2012 edition, included in the Final EA for changes to grazing allotments requested by American Prairie, has many useful ideas for fence design and construction.

Montana is also a fence-out state, limited to cattle only.  The guide is silent on the status of free-roaming horses.

The BLM requires sturdy six-foot fences to adopt wild horses, which are not considered in the brochures.

The permeability of pipe panel fences to wildlife depends on the height and number of rails per panel.  They are an expensive option for large areas.

Wood is not recommended, except for support posts, which should be installed on the outside of the panels.  A horse can break a 4×6 treated post.

From time to time predator poop is found in this corral, probably from coyotes.

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Pipe Panel Fences 04-02-21

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